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Dry Filter 2m Centrifugal (Low Noise) Spray Booths for sale

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Dry Filter 2m Centrifugal (Low Noise) Spray Booths for sale

The Spray Plant Ltd ‘CFB’ range of dry filter spray booths is noted by the use of a large diameter, slow running centrifugal fan mounted within the exhaust chamber to allow extremely low operating noise levels, typically less than 75 dBa. The fan units have been engineered in such a way that the fan is fully integrated into the spray booth exhaust chamber, with no additional steel support structure required.

The fan is belt driven with the electric motor being mounted on the top of the fan plate, outside the exhaust chamber, for ease of access for maintenance, and to enable the used of standard single or three phase industrial motors.

The fan casing and impellor have been specially chosen for the application within the exhaust chamber, and as such comply with the European directive 94/9/CE regarding fans intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX). The fan includes anti-spark features such as copper involute cones. The fan is supplied certified for use in ATEX “Group II”, “Categories 2G-2D-3G-3D” according to directive 94/9/CE

The ATEX coding for the fans supplied is “Ex II 3Gc T4 II B”. Certification available on request.

Our Spray booths are designed to provide the following:

i) Containment Separation and Filtration
• Prevent the escape of vapours into the workplace
• Prevent contamination of the workplace by overspray
• Protect the health of workers
• Draw overspray away from the operator
• Provide separation from sources of ignition, and prevent the spread of fire
• Prevent contamination of the work piece by dust from the work environment
• Filter the overspray from the air, and expel the air to atmosphere

In conforming with the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive, as detailed in their Guidance Note HSG 178, a velocity of 0.7 metres per second is maintained across the face of all our open fronted spraybooths. In the case of extraction systems, the extraction rate is calculated to achieve a theoretical airflow of around 0.4m per second down the length of the spray shop.

The spray booth will include a centrifugal fan unit which will reduce noise levels to below 80dBA inside the booth, and outside measured 1m away from the building at 1m above ground level. This is in line with HSE’s first action exposure to noise at work requirements.

Further Information

  • Width (internal): 2000mm
  • Depth (internal): 1000mm
  • Height (internal): 2250mm
  • Motor Size: 1.5kw
  • Extract rate: 3.15CUM sec
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