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Graco APX Plaster Spray Unit

Code 17S762
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The Graco APX airless plaster spray machine is suitable for professional plaster wall smoothing and finishing.

-Airless Plaster Spray Unit
-Portable and compact
-Can be operated and transported by a single person
-Conveys heavy and thick materials
-Minimal waste as bag roller makes the most of your material (bag roller available separately)

Please note that this unit doesn't not include the bag roller. This item can be opened separate.

The Graco APX is Gracos’s most compact and maneuverable airless plaster sprayer yet. The brand new machine offers consistent spraying output, which is able to handle plaster and other thick materials such as intumescent (fireproof) coatings.

The APX is a dream to use on site, with it’s spraying ability and portability around the job site. The whole machine is compact, with an “all in one” frame. Other spraying models require several parts and other people to operate.

This maneuverability and ease of use of this machine turns plaster spraying into a one man job, allowing a much more cost effective plaster spraying solution.


  • Save material & costs: the adjustable Bag Roller completely empties bags with no waste or mess and is adjustable to fit any bag length

  • Reduced pulsation: the X-FLO™ Hose with Super-Flex™ Whip Hose reduces pulsation for a better finish

  • Less need for hand finishing after spraying

  • No need to mix or think materials

Due to these unique features, the APX saves time, money and resources on plaster spraying jobs.

We also have a bag feed hopper available, which allows you to feed material into the hopper with ease, emptying bags of material with no waste or mess.

This unit employs ceramic pump balls, which reduce material adhesion. The bearings are also spring loaded to reduce material cavitation. Due to this the units are able to output a more positive flow compared to similar competitive technologies.

The APX handles many fast drying spray plaster compounds and intumescent materials, including Knauf Airless Finish Spray Plaster.

Availability In Stock
GTIN 755652652649
Manufacturer Graco

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