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Graco ProMix 2KE

The ProMix 2KE

The Pump-based System is designed with reliableMerkur® pumps, and is EASY to run and comes ready to spray.

Mix Two-Component Paints easily and consistently
Stay on ratio within predefined tolerance limits, down to ±1% with the meter version and ±2% with the pump version.
Off-ratio material will not reach your product – eliminating expensive re-work.
Simple and Flexible Proportioning
Available in pump and metered versions for all spray technologies, ProMix® 2KE makes plural component finishing easy.
Designed for single colour (Pump version) and single or 3 colour (Meter version),
two component, in-booth applications. The sytems offer the following benefits:
• Reduces waste
• Improves manufacturing processes
• Shortens drying times
• Reduces VOC’s

Get complete access to all items that may need periodic service.
• Easy to service cartridge style fluid valves
• Open access to all fluid components
• Externally mounted air filters
• Ability to program maintenance reminders

Intuitive, icon-driven Easy to Use LCD display
allows you to set up, operate and monitor the system as it performs.

• Mounts up to 3 m away with standard cable
• Simple operation functions: standby, spray, purge and fl ushing
• Displays mix ratio, pot life time(s), and material fl ow rate
• Easy to change colours on meter units
• Material use screen for tracking costs and creating environmental reports
• Settable maintenance reminders: pump cycles, valve cycles and fi lter days

Download material usage and alarms to USB memory stick. Create a sortable spreadsheet file for material tracking and environmental documentation.

Power Options
Instrinsically safe pneumatic meter or pump for hazardous areas, AC electric for non-hazardous areas

Mix Ratio
Up to 30:1

Fluid Components
Simple to access stainless steel for broad material compatibility

Optional Gun Flush Box for Manual Spray Guns
Automatically flush the exact amount of solvent required, reducing waste and disposal costs. Designed to handle most waterborne and solventborne materials


Mix ratio range
For pump system. . 0.1:1-30:1 (in 0.1 increments)
Formetersystem . . 0.1:1-30:1 (in 0.1 increments)
Ratio tolerance range For pump system. . up to ±2.0%
For meter system . . up to ±1%
Flow rates
Minimum. . 0.02 liter/min (0.005 gal/min)*
Maximum . . 3.8 liter/min (1 gal/min)
Fluid viscosity range . . 50-20,000 cps (heavier viscosities can be mixed with use of optional heaters, heated hoses, and hardware)
Fluid filtration . . 149 micron (100 mesh) recommended
Maximum fluid working pressure
Meter-based systems . . 206 bar (20.6 MPa, 3000 psi)*
(*Up to 275 bar with high pressure hose kit)
Air supply pressure range . . 4-7.5 bar (0.4-0.75 MPa, 60-110 psi)
Ambient temperature range
Operating . . 0 to 40ºC (32 to 104ºF)
Storage . .. –1 to 71ºC (30 to 160ºF)
External power supply requirements . . -250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2 Amps maximum draw
15 Amp maximum circuit breaker required
Sound pressure . . 98 dBA at 7 bar (0.7 MPa, 100 psi)
Wetted parts
Pumps. . 303, & 17-4PH grades stainless steel, zinc and nickel plating,
ductile iron, tungsten carbide, PTFE,
Dispense Valves and mix manifold. . . & 17-4PH grades stainless steel, PTFE
perfluoroelastomer, tungsten carbide, with nickel binder
PC Communications. . USB 2.0

Further Information

  • call 0113 231 0500: phone for pricing
Availability 4-6 Days
Manufacturer Graco

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