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Spray Booths Water Wash

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Spray Booths Water Wash

Extraction will be by means of a single section washing tower. Air will be drawn into the tower by a belt driven axial flow type fan. The initial solids entrapment will be by contact with a cascading water curtain. Solvent laden air will pass under the curtain panels and then be subjected to a pressurised spray wash to remove any further solids. The solvent laden moist extract fumes will then pass through a series of baffles and chevron type eliminators specially designed to remove the moisture and return it to the base tank. The fumes are then extracted to atmosphere via the fan.

The Expansion Chamber will be fitted with 1 off (tbc) dia. axial type fan, having a capacity of (tbc) second .

The fan will be belt driven by (tbc) kW non flameproof electric Siemens motor running at 1400 rpm

Single impeller, end suction close-coupled pump. Front suction pipe and radial delivery outlet. Mechanical seal housing lubricated by means of a partial recycling of the pumped liquid. Pump casing and spider are made of first quality cast iron. Stainless steel impellers are fitted for standard versions.
Tested to ISO 2548 for C class standard pumps.

Squirrel cage, short-circuited motor and aluminium case, totally enclosed, fan cooled. IP 55 protection - F class insulation - continuous duty
Ball bearings lubricated for life with high temperature resistant grease.
Pump motors (tbc) kW

Water passes over the weir plate at the front of the Booth through the full width perforated sheet steel filter plates. It is then drawn from the Booth tank via a steel suction pipe passing through an isolating valve. This valve is fitted to allow service work

to be carried out on the pump without having to drain the water tank. Water is discharged from the pump through ABS piping to the internal spray bar and water curtain header trough. Each section fitted with its own gate valve for flow adjustments from outside the washing tower.

Automatic water level control is provided by fitting a standard flotation valve through the side of the washing tower and behind the front screen. This prevents the valve from being coated with booth contaminant and giving a false level reading.

It is my understanding your electrical contractor will wire from your existing control panel.


Fully welded and flanged construction in 2 mm thick mild steel sheet, epoxy powder coated to prevent premature corrosion. Weir type pre-pump filter full width of booth.

Rear and side are constructed from folded galvanised mild steel panels 1.2 mm thick, all generally as the main booth section. Fabricated mild steel frameworks all powder coated are installed in the rear chamber to provide a support for the baffle plates and chevron type eliminators. The large baffle support frame also provides the backing for the formed sheets of the water cascade surface. ABS piping is sited fully across the width of the water tower and fitted with large bore conical spraying nozzles. ABS piping is also used to connect from the outside of the chamber to the water trough situated at high level at the front of the tower to provide the water for the cascade. A return angle is fitted in the trough to even out and spread the water discharge over the full face of the water screen.

The fan housing is positioned for vertical discharge to atmosphere. The fan is mounted on a flanged square to round on top of the washing chamber. This means the fan can be removed without the need to go inside the washing chamber.

The ducting includes the following:(tbc)

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