Chad’s TIPs – Get ‘pumped up’ for the New Year!


Christmas is coming and as everyone prepares for a well-deserved break, Spray Plant UK customers' will be storing sprayers, ready for the New Year. 

At Spray Plant UK, we often see spray equipment  that has been stored away dry, with no fluid water or PUMP ARMOR, being booked in for a service before it can be used because storing equipment dry can lead to components becoming stuck and damaged, if the machine is used. 

Pump Armor is a fluid specifically designed for storing paint spray machines. Storing paint spray machines with Pump Armor over the winter offers several benefits: 

  1. Prevention of Corrosion: Pump Armor is formulated to protect the internal components of the spray machines pump and other metal parts, from corrosion. Exposure to air and moisture over time can lead to rust and corrosion, which can affect the performance and lifespan of the equipment.
  1. Lubrication: If ball bearings stick to the seats your sprayer will not being able so suck up paint once you come to use it again. This is because the balls are stuck in place and paint can’t get past them. 
Without stripping the sprayer down and cleaning the individual parts it’s almost impossible to get 100% of the paint or residue out of the sprayer. With the paint/residue left in the sprayer it can dry on the internal components & packings. Once the sprayer is used again the packings can wear out quickly or in some cases tear due to the dry paint.  


Pump armour can stop this from happening because it contains lubricating agents that help to keep the internal packings, components and moving parts lubricated and in good condition, ensuring the spray machine operates smoothly when it is used again. 

  1. Freeze Protection: Pump Armor is designed to withstand freezing temperatures, providing protection against freezing, during the winter months. If water is left in the pump and hoses, it can freeze and expand, potentially causing damage to the equipment.

Properly storing your paint spray machine with Pump Armor can contribute to the longevity of the equipment. By protecting it from corrosion and ensuring that all components are properly lubricated, you can reduce the likelihood of malfunctions and extend the life of the machine.  

To use Pump Armor for winter storage, follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific paint spray machine. Typically, the process involves running Pump Armor through the system until it completely displaces any paint, and then shutting down the machine. This ensures that all internal components are coated with the protective fluid. For a simple guide, read our blog on ‘Using Pump Armor’. Always consult the user manual for your specific equipment for the most accurate storage instructions.  

If you would like to book in a service, please contact us before the Christmas break so we can get you up and running and ready to do what you do best in the New Year. 

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