Chad’s Top Tips - Don’t let your paint freeze this winter!

Chad's Top Tips

Storing paint materials at room temperature, especially during the winter, is important for several reasons:

1. Viscosity and Consistency: Many paint products, including both water-based and oil-based paints, are formulated to work optimally at specific temperatures. Cold temperatures can cause the paint to thicken or become more viscous, making it difficult to apply smoothly. Higher Viscosity can lead to other issues – you may require a larger tip, you may ‘dilute’ your material unnecessarily, or increase pressure. We often receive calls during the winter and other cold snaps from customers that are convinced there is an issue with their spray equipment, which we know causes stress and may lead to job delays. Storing paint at room temperature helps maintain the intended viscosity and consistency, ensuring easier application and a more even finish.

2. Chemical Stability: Extreme temperatures, particularly cold temperatures, can affect the chemical stability of paint ingredients. For example, freezing temperatures can cause water-based paints to separate or solids to settle, leading to an uneven application and reduced performance. Keeping paint at room temperature helps preserve its chemical integrity and ensures that the components remain properly mixed.

3. Freezing Risk: Water-based paints, in particular, are susceptible to freezing. When paint freezes, the water in the formulation expands, potentially leading to a breakdown in the paint's structure. This can result in clumping, separation, and an overall degradation of the paint's quality. By storing paint at room temperature, you reduce the risk of freezing and maintain the paint's overall quality.

4. Application Performance: Cold paint can be challenging to apply, and it may not adhere well to surfaces. Proper storage at room temperature allows the paint to reach its ideal state for application, ensuring that it spreads smoothly, adheres properly, and dries evenly.

5. Container Integrity: Extreme temperatures can also impact the integrity of paint containers. Containers may become brittle or crack in freezing temperatures, leading to leaks and spillage. This could cost you hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds in replacing unusable paint. Storing paint at room temperature helps preserve the structural integrity of the containers, minimizing the risk of leaks and ensuring that the paint remains sealed until ready for use.

Don’t get caught out this winter and end up with an unexpected hangover and an even bigger bill! Store your paint materials at room temperature.

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