Chad's TOP TIPS - How to avoid static shock or explosions!

How to avoid static shock or explosions when using an electrostatic spray gun and solvent-based paint.

Working with solvent-based paints is a common practice across a variety of industries, but it can be dangerous. It is crucial that you look to mitigate the risk of explosions and static shocks by implementing proper safety measures and procedures. In this guide, we'll explore effective strategies to reduce the possibility of explosions and static shocks and even how to optimize productivity, whilst using solvent-based materials.

Understanding the Risks:

Solvent-based paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that evaporate easily, posing the risk of flammable vapor accumulation. Additionally, the movement and friction during handling can generate static electricity, increasing the likelihood of ignition in the presence of flammable vapours.

Safety Precautions:

1. Ventilation when using solvent-based paints:

Adequate ventilation is essential to minimize the buildup of flammable vapours when working with solvent-based paints. Utilize exhaust fans, open windows, or install ventilation systems, to ensure a constant flow of fresh air in workspaces.

2. Static Electricity Control:

Static electricity buildup can lead to static shocks and potential ignition of flammable vapours. Ground all equipment properly, especially if using pneumatic or petrol-powered units, to prevent becoming a grounding source for static buildup. Use conductive gloves instead of neutral or latex gloves to avoid insulation and ensure effective grounding.

3. Safe Storage and Handling of solvent-based paint:

Store solvent-based paints in steel tins or drums to contain any potential fire and reduce hazards. Avoid welding near paint storage areas to minimize the risk of ignition. When flushing units, ensure the paint spray gun is in contact with a steel container as a secondary grounding source.

4. Electrostatic Spray Gun Equipment Maintenance:

Regularly maintain electrostatic guns to ensure they are functioning correctly. Switch off static during operation and ground the object being painted to reduce overspray and improve efficiency. Avoid changing filters during operation and keep the workspace clean to minimize the risk of electric static buildup.

5. Proper Training:

Proper training is essential for all personnel working with solvent-based paints. Ensure you and your employees are understand safety protocols, equipment operation, and emergency procedures. Spray Plant UK can offer training as part of an equipment sale or hire.


Handling solvent-based paints can be dangerous and even fatal. Ensure you, your employees and colleagues take it seriously and adhere to safety protocols in order to minimize the risk of explosions and static shocks.

By implementing proper ventilation, static control measures, safe storage and handling practices, equipment maintenance, and making sure everyone in the business has received training, organizations can create a safer work environment and achieve better returns on investment.

Remember, prioritizing safety and efficiency goes hand in hand, ensuring the well-being of personnel and the success of the operation.

If you require further advice and support regarding the use of solvent-based paint or electrostatic spray guns, or want to book your equipment in for service and maintenance work, please get in touch.

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