How to prepare and spray domestic house interiors.

At Spray Plant UK we work supply paint srpay equipment and accessories for industrial and commercial contracters but we also have an army of small painter decorator companies who want to spray paint walls in their customers' homes  to deliver a quick and efficient job and achieve a smooth, professional finish. For those of you just starting out on your paint spray journey or those of you who don't spray often. Here are some tips on how to prepare and spray a job, which will help you get the best results: 

  1. Prepare the Room:
  • Remove furniture and cover floors with drop cloths or plastic sheets to protect them from paint splatter. 
  • Tape off areas you don't want to paint, such as baseboards, trim, and windows, using painter's tape. 

Spray Plant UK provide accessories to help you to prepare for spray painting.   

  1. Select the Right Paint:
Choose a high-quality interior paint that is suitable for spray application. At Spray Plant UK we have long standing relationships with materials manufacturers and are happy to offer advice on the type of paint to use in different spray equipment. 
  1. Choose the right paint spray equipment and tips:

Use the right paint sprayer for the job. There are various types of paint spray machines, including airless, HVLP (high volume, low pressure), and handheld models. The choice depends on your project size and requirements. 

Read about how spray tips affect coverage and spray gun pressure required, in a previous blog. 

You can purchase spray equipment or hire machines from Spray Plant UK. If this is your first-time spray painting or you want to maximise efficiency and get best value from your machine, or find out more about tip sizes, speak to us.  

  1.  Proper Ventilation:

Ensure good ventilation by opening windows and doors. If possible, use fans to help with air circulation. This helps in dissipating fumes and speeds up drying. 

     6. Wear Protective Gear:

Use a mask or respirator to protect yourself from paint fumes and wear protective eyewear to shield your eyes from overspray. You can purchase commonly used masks and breathing apparatus from our website. 

     7. Practice Technique:

Before starting on your walls, practice using the spray painter on a spare piece of cardboard or an inconspicuous area to get a feel for the spray pattern and coverage. 

     8. Maintain Consistent Speed and Distance:

  • Keep the spray gun moving at a consistent speed and maintain a consistent distance from the wall. This helps avoid uneven application and drips. 
  • Typically, a distance of about 12 inches from the wall is recommended, but this may vary based on the specific sprayer, tip and paint type. Refer to the manufacturer's guidelines. 

     9. Overlap Strokes:

When spraying, overlap each pass by about 50% to ensure even coverage. This helps eliminate streaks and lines. 

    10. Avoid Over-spraying:

Be mindful of over spraying, which can lead to uneven coverage and wasted paint. Start and stop each stroke beyond the edges of the wall to prevent buildup. 

    11. Work in Sections:

Divide the wall into manageable sections and work on one section at a time to ensure a consistent finish. 

   12. Clean the Sprayer Regularly:

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning the spray gun regularly, especially if you're using different paint colours. 

   13. Drying Time:

Allow the paint to dry completely between coats, following the recommended drying times specified on the paint can. 

   14. Inspect and Touch Up:

Once the paint is dry, inspect the walls for any missed spots or imperfections. Touch up as needed with a brush or roller. 

By following these tips, you can achieve a smooth and professional-looking finish when spray painting your interior walls. 

At Spray Plant we can provide training on how to use any equipment purchased or hired when requested, and if required organise training on technique and using equipment safely with one of our spray paint training partners.  

We also offer Plaster spray packages so you can spray onto smooth surfaces to spray paint onto. Want to expand your services and make more money? Contact us today for advice. 


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