Scaling operations or want to try before you buy?

Graco 495


Scale operations or try before you buy by hiring spray equipment.

We highlighted the benefits of hiring equipment earlier this year. Read our blog outlining the Top Ten reasons to hire spray equipment.

Convinced hiring equipment is the best solution for you? Spray Plant UK have one of the largest hire fleets of spray equipment in the UK. Whether your job is large or small, check out the machines that are helping our domestic and commercial spray customers achieve a high-quality finish, reduce waste and increase productivity.

  1. For small, fine finish up to medium sized spray jobs:

Hire equipment from the Graco Fine Finish HVLP range:

The Graco HVLP Sprayer Turboforce 110v, electric airless sprayer can spray up to 23 litres before charging is required. Out of charge and still have work to do? The fine finish sprayer is delivered with two batteries and a fan-cooled fast charger, allowing you to spray all day without downtime.

Designed for working free from power cords, generators or outlets while delivering the same performance as a corded sprayer.

Spraying cabinets, small joinery jobs, external and UPVC doors and window frames and kitchen cabinets.

  1. For standard paint contractor jobs:

Check out Graco’s standard Airless Sprayer range: (Graco 495, 595 and 695).

  • The ST Max II 495 PC Pro airless sprayer brings the leading technology and performance of Graco’s larger Ultra Max II models into a compact design that is lightweight 15 kg (34 lb) and easy to transport while providing more torque, even pressure delivery and faster cleaning to finish jobs faster.

Achieve increased productivity. Graco's Standard Electric airless sprayers make it easier to get more work done in a day with reliable flow and production rates.

  • Graco Ultra Max ll 650 PC Pro 110v. The Graco ST max PC Pro range of electric airless spray units are the ideal choice for the painting professional. The Graco ST Max airless spray units are suitable for both commercial and domestic spray applications, both inside and outside.

The Graco Ultra Max ll 650 comes with Blue link to so you can track productivity across machines, over the length of your spray paint projects.

  1. Got a large commercial job to complete? You can hire heavy duty spray machines from Spray Plant UK – The Graco Mark V, GMAX 7900 Graco 11 ProContractor, Graco King Xtreme XL60 Sprayer 60:1 Air powered airless paint spray unit:
  • This airless sprayer can spray paints, intumescent coatings, and sprayable plaster. It comes with a Heavy-Duty Texture Spray Gun, that can fit much larger tip size to handle all texture finishes and an array of paint and primers.

The Graco GMax 11 ProContractor is the petrol airless sprayer for spraying paints; intumescent coatings and sprayable plasters. It is the industry standard for heavy duty coatings, with proven reliability and performance.

The Graco GMax 11 ProContractor is suitable for internal and external painting jobs, and can support up to a 0.048'' airless spray tip, or support two guns with smaller tips. 

The Graco King Xtreme heavy duty paint sprayers are the industry standard for protective coatings, and paint applications containing high solids. They are popular for being robust and durable.

The Graco King Xtreme pumps are easy to use and maintain on site.

If you're not sure which spray machine is right for your spray job? Call us or e-mail for expert advice.


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