Spray Plant UK attend a Graco education day at Dulux Academy

Is your plaster and texture spray equipment fit for purpose?

Ben and Harvey visited the impressive Dulux Academy to learn more about Graco’s next level plaster and texture spray equipment, the APX unit and how it will support trends in 2024!

Dulux Centre

Many plaster or intumescent spray contractors will opt for a Graco Mark V because of its versatility. It can be used for spraying thicker materials and paint spray, but could this be false economy?

The Graco APX5200 is Graco's’ most compact and manoeuvrable airless plaster sprayer to date. It delivers a consistent spray output that can handle plaster and other thick materials such as intumescent coatings.

With an APX unit you can realise huge time savings and as the saying goes… ‘Time is money!’

More capacity with larger spray tip means faster, higher volume application. 

Traditionally the cost of spray plaster has been higher but in todays market the price point is similar. Graco are also expecting larger players in the ‘ready mix plaster’ market to start production of ready-mix spray plasters soon. 

Initial outlay for spray plaster equipment and materials may be more slightly more but you will save money on time taken! What’s not to like about spraying plaster? 

  • No mixing 
  • Reduction in mess 
  • Dry in 12 hours and ready to decorate. 
  • No waste – anything left at the end of the day can be pump back into a bucket and used again! 


Calling all painters and decorators! 

If you are traditionally a painter/decorator, especially if you are working on large student, or multi-occupancy housing project, you should consider spray plaster. 

Get completely clean, flat walls within 12 hours. You can even buy pre-tinted plaster to gain even better time savings on jobs. 

You can hire or buy the Mark V and Graco APX units at Spray Plant so why not call us to discuss your job and try before you buy and find out about accessories that will make your plaster or textured materials job, a dream job! 

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