Spray Plant UK make sure customers' projects are top of the league!

Spray Plant UK hire spray equipment to spray plaster and intumescent coatings at Premier League stadiums and training grounds.


Spray Plant UK have recently supplied Plaster and Intumescent Paint Spray equipment for contractor customers, working on Premier League grounds, this summer.

As Leeds United fans (for the most part), 22-23 was a season to forget. Hopefully a quick sale to 49ers Enterprises will mean a quick return to the Premiership.

For those teams staying up, however the reinvestment into training grounds, and for Everton a completely new stadium, gets underway.

Spray Plant UK have hired paint spray equipment to spray steelwork with fire protective, intumescent paint coatings, and plaster over the next few months, to make sure everything is ship shape for the 23-24 season.

Spraying plaster and intumescent fire protection:

When it comes to selecting the best Graco spray equipment for spraying intumescent fire protection coatings and plaster there are a few factors to consider, such as: the specific requirements of your project, the type of coating being used, and your budget.

The Graco Mark V is ideal for spraying sprayable plasters, renders and Intumescent Fire Protection Coatings. Because it is electric, it can be used internally or externally, and its quick flush pump means cleaning is quick and easy. The Pro contractor Mark V also comes with Blue Link technology so you can track the productivity and time logged on each machine, providing you with useful information about efficiency and costs v’s actual budget for the job.

For external render and Intumescent coating spray projects, you might also want to consider the Graco 7900.  It’s a great machine and runs very quietly. Using ‘Quickreel’ technology, a hose can be rolled in and out in seconds, giving you more spray time on a job. The LED screen also provides useful feedback about the job. Although electric spray machines are better for the environment, the realities of a construction site mean that petrol is still beneficial in mitigating potentially bad power situations.

Spraying plaster saves so much time, particularly on larger jobs. It also reduces waste. Graco machines are perfect for these sorts of jobs and most have the option to hire or purchase.

Line Marking machines:

Did you know that Spray Plant UK also hire and sell Line Marking Machines. Although these are typically used for on street road marking and carparks, they can also be used to mark lines on a sports pitches and althetics tracks! Spray Plant UK currently stock both the 3900 and 5900 Graco Line Lazer spray machines.

For more information about purchase or hire of Plaster and Intumescent Paint Spray equipment, or Link Marking check out products on our website or contact the Spray Plant UK team today.

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