Turn on, Tune in, Drop out? Why is my spray-painting equipment not working?

If your machine is not running well, the fan is diminished or reduces during spraying, you may not have enough power.

At Spray Plant UK we pride ourselves on our expertise and fantastic customer service and as you might expect, we often receive calls when customers are struggling with their machine. We thought we would write this blog to help with one of the most frequent calls we receive:

‘My machine isn’t working’…

Common reasons that your spray equipment might be underperforming:

Of course, there are a number of reasons why this might be. One of the most common issues we identify is a lack of Power.

How does power affect the performance of my spray equipment?

Not having the correct power supply to run your spray machine can have a detrimental effect, not just on your ability to work efficiently but also on the finish. It can also be really bad news for your machine.

What to check before you begin spraying your coating:

Make sure your power supply is good enough.

  • Don’t use an extension leads any longer that 14m with a lead of 2mm.
  • Your transformer should be 3.3k VA and if you are using generator - 5.5kVA
  • If you need to plug into a site box, make sure that whatever else is plugged in doesn’t take your power below what is recommended. If a site box is 10kVA and there are several other contractors plugged in, you may experience a problem.
  • Always understand the power requirements and if in doubt look at data sheets. You can access these on the spray plant UK website, just search for your machine.

Symptoms of a lack of power:

If you checked your power supply before you began work but notice your fan dipping, this could be a symptom of a dip in power.

Consequences of not having enough power going to your spray machine:

  • Dip in job efficiency
  • Smaller fan and uneven finish
  • Blowing the circuit board of your spray machine.

Tips on solving power supply issues on site:

For contractors spraying Intumescent coatings, use a longer hose or position your machine closer to the power supply, avoiding extensions all together, if you can. You could also change from electric power supply to a petrol generator if the site allows it.

If you are applying roof coatings, you should use a petrol generator, because you are working outside and the area you are spraying is therefore well ventilated. Again, this depends on whether the site allows it.

If you experience any of these symptoms and you have already checked the power supply to your machine, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to help you diagnose the problem with your machine.

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