Collection: Airless Spray Tips & Holders

We sell a range of Graco-manufactured spray tips, suitable for a variety of applications, from the most demanding paint jobs to fine finishes. Built to last with the most abrasive-resistant tungsten carbide, by buying a Graco spray tip you can rest assured you’ll have a product that will be with you for years to come.

With an intuitive colour-coding system, Graco ensures you can always recognize the right spray tip for your application:

Fine Finish low-pressure spray tips are green

LineLazer and FieldLazer tips - used mainly for airless line marking - are yellow

Graco Heavy-Duty tips, suitable for applications with demanding requirements, are grey

Doubling the first 1-2 digits returns the value of the spray pattern fan width, e.g. a 515 has a 10-inch beam width when sprayed 12 inches from the surface, as 5*2=10 inches.