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Anest Iwata

AZ1 Air Gunsa 1.5mm Pressure HTE


AZ1 Air Gunsa 1.5mm Pressure HTE

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AZ1 Air Gunsa 1.5mm Pressure HTE

AZ1 HTE2 Compliant Pressure Spray Gun - Short pattern air cap
Set up options 1.5mm

Spray Pattern 240mm
Air Consumption 6.5cfm / 184 lt per min

Compressor Requirements min 2HP

Other set up options available to special order.....PLEASE CALL 0113 231 0500 to discuss


With a newly designed range of air caps, you are able to develop a long tulip shaped spray pattern with an extra-fine particle distribution and very little overspray.

The AirGunsa line perfectly meets your spray painting requirements in the industrial and body shop sectors. This model is ideal for commercial transport refinishing.

Excellent VALUE FOR MONEY, RELIABILITY and ATOMIZATION QUALITY are AirGunsa spray guns' specialities.

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