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Graco HVLP TurboForce 11 Standard 7 230v


Graco HVLP TurboForce 11 Standard 7 230v

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Graco HVLP TurboForce 11 Standard 7 230v

Graco HVLP TurboForce 11 Standard 7 230V The Graco Turboforce 11 is the proffessional sprayers fine finish HVLP system. The unit is portable weighing just 14kg, and has a stainless steel casing for durability.

Each unit comes complete with the Edge 11 spray gun with #3 needle/nozzle kit and 6m of superflex air hose.

The turboforce 11 7.0 has a 3 stage 'smart start' turbine which shuts off when not in use so as to reduce heat and extend turbine life.

Full specifications are included in the attached literature

Industry Leading Dual Filtration System Automotive-grade filter has high performance filtration. Outperforms foam and traditional paper filters used on most HVLP systems.

Smaller, Lighter Maximum jobsite portability – get jobs done faster and easier

➤ 50% smaller
➤ 30% lighter
➤ Rugged, stainless steel enclosure protects turbine during transport TurboControl System with LED Display Adjust the TurboForce turbine speed to match the performance you require
➤ Reduces heat build-up
➤ Runs quieter 
➤ Extends turbine life SmartStart™ Turbine
➤ Automatically shuts off when not in use — if you’re not spraying, it’s not running
➤ Reduces jobsite noise, resulting in less fatigue
➤ Automatic shut-off reduces heat and extends turbine life

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