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Graco Merkur 45:1 3.0lpm Cart Mtd Air-Assisted Airless/Airmix


Graco Merkur 45:1 3.0lpm Cart Mtd Air-Assisted Airless/Airmix

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Graco Merkur 45:1 3.0lts/min Cart Mtd Air-Assisted Airless/airmix
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Ergonomy, cost-saving and finishing results are the keywords of this new pump generation. With more models and
configurations to choose from, you get the precise pressure and output you need for all of your finishing applications.
Monitor and protect your pump with fully integrated local monitoring
• Easy-to-set runaway protection, where you set the cycle rate limit
• Pump diagnostics help advise when to maintain the pump
• Resettable batch counter tracks material usage and maintenance schedule:(DATATRACK MODELS ONLY)

Pump Lower:
• Easy-to-flush design allows fast colour
changes and reduced solvent usage
• 300 series stainless steel pump construction
provides long-lasting durability
• Designed for improved serviceability with fewer
parts and lower cost of ownership
We stock replacement spare parts, repair kits and accessories for the Graco Merkur spray units. call for details

Further Information

  • Gun: G40
  • Hose Length: 7.5m
  • Max outlet Pressure: 4500psi

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