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Graco Pro Xp Air-Assist Spray gun


Graco Pro Xp Air-Assist Spray gun

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Graco PROXP Electrostatic Spray Gun: The Graco XP gun design combines durability and superior finish quality, expected from Graco, with a compact, lightweight and ergonomic design for maximum operator comfort. To reduce operators fatigue, new selectable grips will fit the operators hand perfectly. The easy installation without electrical cable to the gun makes it simple to change to electrostatic finishing. With the Graco internal power supply technology it is a small step to electrostatic technology to achieve outstanding material savings. The improved power supply is only one reason why Graco offers a three year warranty on the rugged, reliable gun design. The new flexible electrode for consistent alignment has extended durability The Graco PROXP Electrostatic spray gun, has a voltage output of 0-85 kV DC, and a maximum operating pressure of 207 bar. The gun is self-generating requiring no external power supply for the electrostatics, with the in-built power supply carrying a three year manufacturers warranty. The gun is capable of providing high transfer efficiencies and excellent attomisation, and can be used as air-assisted airless electrostatic or airless electrostatic. The electrostatics and the attomising air can be controlled at the gun. A voltage/current display, and diagnostic display at the back of the gun is included on the ‘smart’ model. The gun has the following worldwide approvals: meets FM, CENELEC, CSA and CE.

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