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LEROS 950CV Deco Solution Kit with M class Extractor


LEROS 950CV Deco Solution Kit with M class Extractor

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180deg Flexibility and 100 Comfort from MIRKA


This Mirka LEROS drywall sander helps you reach the precision and smoothness you need saving time and energy with a lightweight sander, designed to have a reduced impact on your back and shoulders. With a weight of less than 3,5 kg, the LEROS can be operated for hours without fatigue or exhaustion.

Dual voltage sander gives you the flexibility to run it either from 110v for on-site work, or, 240v for residential, makes this the ideal tool and runs at varying motor speeds to suit any job.

A Wall Sander that Gets Closer to the Corners, layers of thick texture in the corners are always the toughest and most time-consuming to sand, Holding a sander at a fixed position for a long period of time is as exhausting as it sounds. But thanks to the random orbital movement, the Mirka LEROS drywall sander can get into tight spaces, with a removable pad housing for sanding edges and perpendicular walls.


Kit Containers

  1. 950 CV Wall Sander with Bag
  2. Dust Extractor 1230 M
  3. 4mt Hose
  4. Abranet P80 disks 225mm ( 25 pack )
  5. Abranet P120 disks 225mm ( 25 pack )
  6. Abranet P180 disks 225mm ( 25 pack )

The M class extractor has AFC automatic filter cleaning, finer particle filtration and a pressure warning light


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