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Anest Iwata

W200 Integra FT 1.2mm Pressure LV2


W200 Integra FT 1.2mm Pressure LV2

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W200 Integra FT 1.2mm Pressure LV2

New gun body modifications, gun design, sleek lines and chiselled features increase the ergonomic feel to help you paint longer and feel easier

Designed for easier maintenance than most guns on the market having been designed with fewer deeper and coarser thread pitches meaning you only have to turn the air cap one and a half turns for removal. N Baffles are needed with this gun so fewer parts to stock and replace saving you time and money, the INTEGRA also has the tried and tested one component needle packing cartridge.

Designed with a new linear and adjuster for a more responsive finer incremented adjustment which also helps when precise adjustment is needed and a quicker full fan to spot is required. The AIR VALVE SEAT is also new with over sized distribution holes which help control the balance and performance of the droplets and improve the atomization properties of the spray gun.

Available in either the new SPLIT NOZZLE pre atomization technology ( Blue Air Cap ) or the traditional FLAT TIPS ( Grey Air Cap )


All models and tip sizes available, please call 0113 231 0500 for further information


  • Pre atomisation technology with the Split nozzle
  • Extended lifespan with its new internal chrome plating
  • Smooth responsive trigger
  • Redesigned air valve seat making easy maintenance and reducing the risk of damage from over tightening
  • New ergonomic gun body and design
  • Grooved needle end for easier removal
  • Spray Pattern 220mm
  • Air Consumption 9 to 11cfm / 240 to 300 lt per min
  • Compressor Requirements min 3 to 4HP

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