Chad’s TOP Tips – Keep yourself and equipment safe when using extension cables.

Choosing a 3-wire extension cable for your spray equipment is essential!

If you need to extend power cables, please only use a 3-wire extension cable that has a grounding plug and a grounding receptacle that accepts the plug on the product.

A 3-wire extension cable typically refers to an electrical cable with three conductors or wires within it. These cables are commonly used to extend the reach of electrical devices, providing a convenient way to connect devices that are located at a distance from power sources or other equipment. The three wires serve specific purposes, and the cable is often designed for specific applications.

Here are the common features and applications of a 3-wire extension cable:

1. Conductors:

  • Live (or Hot) Wire: Carries the current from the power source to the device, providing electrical energy.
  • Neutral Wire: Returns the current to the power source, completing the electrical circuit.
  • Ground Wire: Provides a path for electric current to flow safely into the ground in case of a fault or short circuit. It will protect you and your spray paint equipment from electric shocks.

2. Jacket/Insulation:

  • The wires inside the cable are typically insulated to prevent electrical contact between them and to protect the cable from environmental factors such as moisture, abrasion, and other forms of physical damage.
  • The outer jacket provides additional protection and insulation to the entire cable.

3. Plug and Receptacle:

  • The cable usually has plugs at both ends for easy connection to power outlets and devices. The plugs may vary depending on the region and the type of electrical system used.
  • Some extension cables have multiple outlets along their length, allowing multiple devices to be connected simultaneously.
  • Make sure that your 3-wire extension cable accepts the plug on your spray machine.

4. Length:

  • Extension cables come in various lengths to accommodate different needs. It's important to choose an appropriate length to ensure the cable can reach the desired location without excessive slack.
  • If an extension cable is necessary use 12 AWG (2.5mm2) minimum to carry the current that the product draws.

       Conductor Size                               Metric                        Maximum Length        12 AWG (American Wire Gauge)       2.5 mm2                         50 ft. (15 m)        

  • An undersized cable results in a drop in line voltage, loss of power, overheating and could cause circuit board failure.

When using extension cables, it's crucial to follow safety guidelines to prevent electrical hazards. Avoid overloading the cable with too many devices drawing excessive current, and make sure the cable is in good condition without any visible damage to the insulation or conductors. Additionally, using extension cords rated for outdoor use is essential when used in outdoor environments to ensure safety and durability.

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