Suns Out Spray Guns out!

Which spray machines and spray guns should you use for exterior summer spray projects?

As homeowners dream of BBQ’s and garden bars, they naturally focus on projects to the exterior of their house, and garden projects that will enhance their outdoor living space.

Our commercial and industrial customers also start to see an uplift in exterior and new build or extension projects.

Recent high temperatures mean that the summer is here, but how long it will last is anybody’s guess! Completing jobs accurately and efficiently is important if you’re going to make ‘spray’ whilst the sun shines, and the good news is that Spray Plant UK can help. With a range of spray equipment and jet spray (pressure washer) guns that will help you prep jobs, such as spray renders, plaster, metal and woodwork, quickly.

1. Preparation of exterior paint jobs:

Before you begin paint or render work, its likely you’ll want to prepare the surface. Pressure washers are a great additional purchase or hire to go along with your paint sprayer. They are designed to prep any surface, so it's left clean and ready to paint. Spray Plant UK stock Graco’s G-Force II 4040 HG-DD Pressure Washer, suitable for domestic use by professional painters and decorators, as well as commercial and industrial cleaning carried out by large contractors.

Graco pressure washers are specially designed with lightweight durable aluminium frames for the best mobility. Cutting through dirt is effortless with a Graco pressure washer due to the high-performance Honda GX390 engine.

Pressure washers are available to purchase via our website or you can call to discuss hire options.

2. Airless Paint Sprayer:

An airless paint sprayer is a versatile tool that can save you time and effort when it comes to painting large exterior surfaces. It uses high pressure to atomize paint, creating a fine mist that can be evenly applied to walls, fences, or any other interior and exterior surfaces. With an airless paint sprayer, you can achieve a smooth and professional finish in less time compared to traditional brush or roller methods.

Airless sprayers are great for:

•            Exterior brick & block painting (masonry) - Hire & purchase

•            Fencing (metal or woodwork) - Hire & purchase

•            Furniture (metal & woodwork - Hire & purchase

•            Renders and plaster

•            Windows & doors (UPVC, wood & metal) - Hire & purchase

•            Decking - Hire & purchase

•            Roof coatings - Hire & purchase


3. Here are the best spray equipment machines for your exterior jobs:

  • Masonry coatings: render and plaster:

Use Graco Mark V for all masonry coatings, including render. This machine can also be used for large plaster jobs.

The Graco Mark V is currently purchase only but we can arrange training if you’re new to spraying renders and plaster.

  • Fence and decking painting:

Summer is a great time of year for sprucing up your garden and one way to add a new lease of life or introduce a theme is to paint your fence.

The good news is that these machines GX21 & GXFF 290, 390, 495, 595 & 695 can be purchased or hired.

The Graco 495 ST Max 11 PC PRO cart mounted electric airless sprayer also comes with Blue Link technology so if you’re a large contractor you can track all machines and extract productivity hours.

  • Metal, Woodwork and UPVC finishing:

The trend of upcycling rather than replacing existing furniture, and UPVC windows and doors has grown over recent years and with budgets tight on most domestic and commercial projects, giving existing assets a face lift is a good option.

Similar to above, you can use are range of spray machines from the smaller, entry level GX21 & Graco GXFF, to machines for larger commercial or industrial spray coating jobs: 290, 390, 495, 595 & 695.

In addition for high volume jobs you might want to consider Graco's Merkur or HVLP ranges.

Check out our range of Graco products to help you provide customers with an on trend and cost-effective option.

  • Roof coatings:

Summer is a particularly good time to work on roofs that may have become a little battered and bruised over the winter months. Whether that’s a completely new roof, shoring up sections of a roof or waterproofing, spraying coatings is quicker and safer than hand painting.

Although Graco’s 7900 spray equipment range can deal with many other jobs, its often the best spray machine for spraying roof coatings. Spray Plant UK stock machines for both domestic and commercial jobs.


Use our expertise to access the best spray equipment for your project:

Here at Spray Plant UK, we know the summer months can be some of the busiest months for our domestic, contractor and industrial/commercial customers, and that efficiency and reliability are key to maximising profitability.

We are experts in spray equipment and pride ourselves in providing the right advice, training, equipment, and support for our customers. Many of the equipment mentioned in this post will work on more jobs than outlined. For more information on the best paint and coating spray equipment for your exterior paint and coating jobs, check out the website or call for advice.

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