What is Spray Plaster and How do I Spray it?

What is spray plaster? 

Spray plaster is more similar to a filler than traditional plaster, and it is made to be sprayed through an airless sprayer. It is applied very quickly, and the finish is a perfect level 5 finish. 
Some of the top brands of spray plaster include: 

  • Knauf SheetRock 
  • Beissier Bagur 
  • P1 EZE 
  • Terrix  

Spray plaster comes premixed and already wet. Spray plaster cuts down on waste as it can be reused and won’t go hard as soon as the bag is opened like traditional plaster. Spray Plaster has a much longer shelf life than traditional plaster.  
The process is straightforward. Once the surface is prepared and everything that needs protecting is masked, the spray plaster is sprayed onto the surface to give a nice even coating. It is then smoothed off with either a trowel, spatula or blade, use whatever you prefer. Most plasterers will be more comfortable with a trowel, and decorators usually tend to use a spatula. 
When the first layer has dried, a second layer is applied and then smoothed. If you are very good with the trowel, this is completed as there will be no trowel marks and the surface will be completely smooth. However, if you find your application isn’t smooth the wall can be sanded once dry to remove any marks. The product is designed to be sanded, and if you use a dustless sander such as a Mirka electric sander. The process is much faster than traditional sanding and you are left with a level 5 finish. 

What is a spray plaster machine and what equipment do I need to spray plaster? 

To plaster with an airless sprayer, you need a big machine. We recommend a Graco Mark V standard Heavy-Duty machine. We sell a spray plaster starter kit that comes with everything you need to start spraying plaster as well as a Graco Mark V. 
You may also want to buy the Graco APX Plaster Spray Unit a machine specifically made by Graco for spraying plaster. 
The Mark V is designed to pump heavy materials, and the suction tube can be lowered into a bucket of spray plaster to feed the sprayer. However, we recommend that you use the hopper that comes in the kit. Decant your sprayable plaster in the hopper. It can hold up to 90 litres of plaster which allows you to spray for longer, allowing for maximum efficiency.  
The hopper comes with a bag roller that you can attach to the hopper frame. Your bag of spray plaster is fed through the roller and squeezes out all the material into the hopper. This means you waste less product, and the bag is completely emptied.  
Lastly, our spray plaster kit comes with a Graco ProSuface Smoothing Kit. This kit comes with a variety of skimming blades and an extendable pole. Use the blades to smooth out each layer of spray plaster you apply. 

What are the advantages of spraying plaster? 

Gives a level five finish- Drywall is ranked on a scale of 1 to 5 on finishing levels. This is the level of preparedness for paint and other coatings. Level 5 is a premium finish and the highest quality finish. Spray plaster gives a level 5 finish much faster than traditional plastering. With spray plaster, you are guaranteed a level-five finish every time. 
Spray plaster dries much faster than traditional plaster- spray plaster has a much lower water content, spray plaster dries up to four times quicker to apply than conventional traditional gypsum plaster. After the final coat of plaster, you can usually start painting the very next day whereas traditional plaster on average needs 5 days to fully dry before painting.  
Less waste than traditional plaster- Unlike traditional plaster which slowly dries out after it's been mixed, spray plaster comes premixed. This allows you to store any leftover product and it can be used again. This saves a lot of money and material. 
Less mess- There is no mixing involved as spray plaster comes premixed. This means less chance of spillage and less dust. You can use an air scrubber to remove what little dust is created when sanding. There is little to no cleanup afterwards and overspray is almost non-existent. 
Dries White- Unlike traditional plaster, spray plaster dries white. This helps to allow more natural light in the room. It is also better for covering when painting as white is a common colour for ceilings, meaning fewer coats of paint will be needed. 

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