Collection: Spray Plaster Equipment & Accessories

View our range of spray plaster machines and equipment from Graco. Spray plaster machines are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to cover large areas quickly and easily.

They are ideal for contractors who specialise in small to larger scale residential or commercial wall smoothing applications, specifically optimised to handle the thickest plasters. Achieve a superior finish with an even spray pattern using the latest advanced technology to create a smooth, uniform plaster coat.

The Graco Mark V range, including the Graco Mark V APX 5200 will ensure you can create high-quality results in a much shorter amount of time.

Airless spray plaster machines can also be used for priming and spraying the dispersion paint and other materials, such as façade paints, latex paints, silicate and roof coatings.

Spray Plant UK are a Graco distributor because we want the best for our customers.
Models like the Graco Mark V APX 110v Airless Plastering Machine are compact and easy to manoeuvre meaning only one tradesperson is needed to complete the job.

Spray Plant UK also have the full range of Graco accessories, including the adjustable bag roller feature on these machines, which will save you time and money. Simply empty bags with no waste or mess. You can buy or hire spray plaster equipment from Spray Plant UK. Contact our technical team of experts today to discuss your project so we can advise on the best spray plaster machine for your job.