Collection: Hand Held Battery Powered Airless Sprayers

We supply several models of battery powered airless spray guns from Graco’s Ultra range. These guns are excellent for those wanting to spray without having to purchase a large airless unit. Simple and easy to use, the Ultra series serve as a great introduction for those wanting to get started with airless paint spraying.

Speed and portability are the main advantages of the ultra gun series. They are an extremely convenient spraying solution, saving time on setup, start up and clean up. Corded and cordless Ultra guns spray water and mineral spirit based materials, whereas the Graco Ultra Max gun sprays water, solvent and flammable materials.

Battery powered airless paint sprayers provide a smooth finish with no need for cables. They can be useful for hard to reach areas and smaller projects. The Graco Ultra range of hand held spray guns can be enhanced through the use of different spray tips and accessories, such as extensions.