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Graco 390 Cordless Paint Sprayer With Stand


Graco 390 Cordless Paint Sprayer With Stand

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Graco's groundbreaking battery-powered airless sprayer. This is the one and only battery cordless sprayer that can deliver professional results. Designed to deliver just as high of performance as the corded Graco 390 PC but with all the freedom from power cords, generators, and electrical outlets.

Introducing the one-of-a-kind high-performance paint sprayer. The ONLY High-performance cordless paint sprayer — up to 3,300 psi with 0.021 inch max tip. Sprays up to 3 gallons on a single battery charge — two batteries included so you can continue to spray for longer. With this machine, you are no longer limited to having to stick by a power source, you can spray anywhere. 

Included with the unit:

  • FTX-E 4-Finger Airless Spray Gun
  • LP515 Low Pressure RAC X LP SwitchTip
  • 246215 RAC X HandTite Tip Guard
  • 240794 1/4 in. x 15 m BlueMax II Airless Hose

Powered by DEWALT® Batteries 

  • High capacity 6ah FLEXVOLT batteries — spray up to 3 gallons per battery charge
  • Delivered complete with two batteries, so you can spray for longer
  • Fan-cooled fast charger—recharges the battery in under an hour 

Brushless DC Motor

  • Powerful brushless DC motor provides extended battery run time
  • Lightweight, compact design mean this machine is very portable 

Durable Endurance Piston

  • PumpLasts 2X longer than the next leading brand
  • Long Life V-Max Blue Packings, Chromex rod, and hardened stainless steel cylinder
  • Quicker cleaning with the QuikAccess intake valve

ProConnect One-Part Replacement System

  • Eliminate the chance costly downtime
  • Easy and fast pump switch 

Advantage Drive

  • The longest lasting drive
  • Tough steel gears  meaning extremely quiet operation and a lifetime warranty

Easy Out Pump Filter

  • Easy maintenance & less clogging
  • Exclusive inside-out filtering process ensures quality finish everytime

Adjustable Pressure Control

  • Allows for 0-3,300 psi and delivers extended battery run time when spraying at low pressure

Rugged Steel Frame

  • Thick chrome over steel can withstand touch job site conditions 

RAC X Low Pressure (LP) SwitchTip

  • Spray at lower pressure for extended battery runtime, longest tip life, and less overspray, meaning less material wasted

Technical Specifications:

  • Battery Capacity (Ah): 6
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium-ion
  • Battery Voltage (V): 60
  • Compatible Replacement Pump: 17C487
  • Engine Size (HP): 0.625
  • Frame Configuration: Stand
  • Weight (lb): 31

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