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Drager X-plore ABEK bayonet filters


Drager X-plore ABEK bayonet filters

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Replacement filter cartridge suitable for face mask respirators X-plore 5500 full mask and X-plore 3500 half mask. Pack of 2

Combination Cartridge (EN 14387). Bayonet A2bB2E2K2Hg-P3 RD - For Dräger X-plore Bayonet Half Masks 3300 & 3500 and Full Face Mask 5500

The innovative Drager X-plore Bayonet filter series are designed for a wide range of applications and different materials. They are designed with low breathing resistance. As the bayonet filters are posted to the side of the respiratory mark it allows for a wider field of vision. 

Comfortable: easier breathing with lower resistance

  • the special composition and pleating of the filter paper create more surface area- this reduces breathing resistance 
  • The casing is specially constructed- a large cavity ensures easy air intake and makes breathing extra comfortable 

Easy and safe 

  • The filters use a bayonet fastener which allows filters to be guided into the correct position until meeting the contact point.
  • The handling areas also make it easier to attach the filters to the mask.
  • The filters are made with a highly durable plastic casing.
  • Double splash protection makes them safer for day-to-day use- the casing, as well as the hydrophobic paper, will effectively protect the user. 

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