Essential paint spray accessories for your spray job

Make sure you have the accessories you need to achieve maximum efficiency


Using a paint sprayer can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of your painting projects. To ensure you have a successful spray job, consider these essential paint sprayer accessories:


1. Safety Gear:

Particularly if you are working with solvent based paints or in a poorly ventilated site.

Respirator: A respirator with appropriate filters is crucial to protect yourself from inhaling paint particles and fumes.

Safety Goggles: Protect your eyes from overspray, drips, and other potential hazards.

Take a look at our blog on working safely for more detail around these paint spray accessories.

2. Paint and Material Supplies:

Paint: Choose the right type of paint for your project (latex, oil-based, etc.) and ensure it's properly mixed.

Strainer: Use a strainer to remove any impurities that could clog the sprayer's nozzle.

Paint Thinner/Reducer: Depending on the type of paint and your sprayer's specifications, you might need to thin the paint for optimal spraying. Please double check your material data sheet for what percentage you can thin your paint by

Primer: If your project requires it, apply a primer before the actual paint to improve adhesion and coverage.

3. Sprayer Accessories:

Nozzles/Tips: Different nozzle sizes and spray paint tips produce various spray fan width and pressures. Choose the appropriate nozzle for your paint and project.

Needle Sets: Some sprayers have interchangeable needle sets for adjusting paint flow and pattern width.

Filters: Use the correct filter mesh size for your paint to prevent clogs caused by debris in the paint.

Extension Wand: Useful for reaching high or difficult-to-access areas. Come in a range of sizes starting from 25cm to 2m.

4.  Cleaning and Maintenance Tools:

Cleaning Brushes: Use any brush to clean the sprayer's.

Cleaning Solution: Use a recommended cleaning solution or water depending on the paint you are using to thoroughly clean the sprayer after each use.

Lubricant: Keep the sprayer's moving parts in good condition by applying appropriate lubrication.

Pump repair kit: If you have pump trouble on site, a pump repair kit is a handy thing to have.

5. Protective Gear for Surroundings:

Drop Cloths or Tarps: Protect floors, furniture, and surrounding areas from overspray and drips.

Painter's Tape: Use tape to mask off areas you don't want to paint.

Power and Air Supply: Read our blog about Power here.

6. Extension Cords:

Ensure you have a suitable extension cord if your sprayer requires one.

7. Air Compressor:

If using an air-powered sprayer, make sure your air compressor is compatible and provides enough air to power the sprayer

8.  Containers and Mixing Supplies:

Paint Buckets: Use clean, appropriate-sized containers for mixing and pouring paint.

Stir Sticks: Essential for thoroughly mixing paint and avoiding inconsistencies in colour and texture.

Spare Parts: Call and speak to us about this.

9. O-Rings and Seals:

These wearable parts may need replacement over time to prevent leaks and ensure proper functioning. 

Spray Plant UK understand the need to get started quickly so we’ve put together accessory starter kits for Electric Airless, HVLP and Mini Merkur spray machines. If you require a starter kit for another machine, please get in touch and we’ll take a look at this for you.

Remember to read the user manual for your specific paint sprayer model and follow manufacturer recommendations for accessories and maintenance. Proper preparation, the right accessories, and careful attention to safety can lead to a successful and efficient paint spraying job.

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